It's true- Shimano Ultegra Di2

Shimano Ultegra Di2

Interesting… and the price is supposed to be cheaper than mechanical Dura Ace. Funny how they had to make obvious compromises in order to differentiate between DA Di2- like having alloy lever blades etc.

The death of mech DA?

are those electrical motorizerized brakes too?

some other good pictures here: - Ultegra Di2 Eccolo Lo abbiamo provato

Like the idea but it just looks so clunky

The battery mount has always looked clunky I agree. They should do what Fairwheel bikes did and conceal it in the seat tube.

So much Meh.

I agree looks really clunky. and unnecessary. Mech works fine.
golf clap for effort though.

In our modern society there are a lot of things that are ‘unnecessary’, but it doesn’t mean people don’t want it.
I predict this will be a best seller for Shimano- perhaps a bit like the indexed shifting revolution of the 1980’s… you can imagine Mr Keepingupwiththejoneses will love this stuff.

is there actually any benefit in Di2, ultegra or DA?
Surely the batteries/electronics weigh the same or more than the cables on trad groups?

Nah its lighter. I’ve ridden Di2 and it is pretty incredible. The hype is kinda accurate.

You’re forgetting the STI shifters- Di2 doesn’t need to have heavy mechnical ratchets etc, only buttons.
Pretty sure Dura Ace Di2 weighs less than mechanical DA (including cables etc). I don’t think Ultegra Di2 does though.

It’s about the shifting and auto-trimming. Basically it’s impossible to stuff up the shifting, apparently.

If somebody gave me a bike with Di2, i’d ride it. But until its a reasonable price (ie, smae price as mech groups) its pretty hard to justify.
I kind of think commuters should be the market for electronic shifting. very little maintenance blah blah.

ill stick with ss and mech though.

I’ve only ridden it on a trainer, but it was amazing. Stupid shifts under load, front or rear, no problem.

Way back when, Shimano tried ‘trickle up’, but it was an epic fail.

They tried an commuter group with dynamo & IGH rear, the dyno provided power for the automatic shifting rear hub, I forget the name (Nexus Auto?), it was around in ~2007. There’s also the e-bike range (STEPS) that has electronic shifting (NEW Shimano Electric Bike Component Group = Excitement! | Electric Bike Report)

Looks heavy. reeeal heavy.

If the price is similar to mech DA, it’s still going to be between $1500-2000 which is beyond the budgets of most people anyway. It’s funny to think that the original DA Di2 was something like $3000-4000.00 for the kit- insane really.

cycling express which will be the new Australian based competitor to wiggle, crc and pbk have a damn good offer available on the ultegra di2

i would pre-order if i had the money …

First Ultegra Di2 bike in Australia - Cycling Express

Damn that is cheap- that’s the whole bike yeah?

yep, and thats effing cheap

di2 is sick, ill 100% be going the ultegra!

yep the whole thing! carbon bike im pretty sure as well

I don’t understand why it’s not wireless. Isn’t it part of the point of electronic systems to remove unnecessary wires and weight? They’ve had wireless cyclo-computers for ages, I don’t see how this would be any different to control; thou the potential for hackers to affect your gearing by hijacking the wireless signals would be fairly funny!