'Ivanhoe Cycles' Tourer

Vintage retro Ivanhoe Cycles Cro-mo frame ROAD BIKE, needs work | eBay

It’ll need some work and parts but it could go cheap…

What do people reckon 56/57cm?

I was just about to post this up, tange 2 tubes could be a good commuter. I wander if its 700c or 27"

Good point. Its hard to tell from the pics, and the tyres it looks like it has (Marathon and a Gatorskin) both come in 27"…

Looks like it needs a bit of work.

Where the piss was this thing yesterday wen I was looking for a commuter?

yeah, I reckon you’d be looking at new tyres, new chain/cass, new cables, brake pads … don’t think you’d want to spend over $100

Almost frame value only.

You’d definitely want to go and look at it beforehand. The rust on the seat stays looks like it could go deeper.

Just for beardo knowledge, if those are 27" wheels, could you adjust the brake reach the 4mm or so to suit 700c?

I’ve run 700c canti’s on a frame made for 27". It can be done.

Edit: Description says “tyres 700x28”