I've been looking for this for ages.

Not Fixie Related.

NNDB Mapper

it’s good. but, at times, disappointing

Didn’t Godspeed You! Black Emperor have something like this in one of their record covers?

I mean the connected record companies?

yeah, it’s from that. i mean, i could’ve just bought that record, but then i would’ve had to own a godspeed you black emperor record.

Pretty sure it’s the one Albini recorded… :wink:

even he can’t polish a turd.

fuck you buddy, it’s a great album.

apparently there were some fairly important fuck-ups in that diagram.

and yes, albini failed to produce that record (in his own words). guess he gets a bit flustered if there’s more than 3 instruments in the room…

they are great people. but no, on this, my friend, you are incorrect. pink floyd + punk = puke.

nothing punk or pink 'bout GY!BE
let’s agree to disagree before i have to start dissing preachy punk bands :slight_smile:

this would be more fun in person anyways.