JAILED - Chris Jongewaard




i kinda think the fucker deserved it though…

Yeh me too.

I suppose they’ll have stationary bikes in prison.

lotta time on the rollers for him…

More likely, he’ll be the bike !

Yeah, bad idea to drink and drive. Have a read of this stuff:


And I was cheering him along last week at the Worlds in Canberra.

Interesting reading.

I can’t believe he was even able to get his head in the right spot to race the worlds with this hanging over him a week later.

Sad story on all levels.

Then there was the old guy up north who killed a cyclist while fiddling with his radio and didn’t realise til he got home. Got a 6 month license suspension. Bloke was in his 80’s. And he’ll get his license back…

And he comes from Para Hills…

Holy crap, the victim lost a buttock. fuck, career over poor bastard.
why don’t all jackass drivers who hit/kill people get they ass thrown in jail (also, boofheads who stomp people’s faces off on saturday nights in the city)?