jamies bike! outside banana alley coffee.vault

I don’t think he is on fixed so ill chuck out the word for him. Rusty singlespeed, front brak3 and front rack. Photos on Facebook and fyxomatosis.

Gamoh rack FTW. Hope it turns up.

a lot of thefts seem to be happening around the same time,my theory is its a couple of creeps doing a big haul then taking them interstate etc.
I heard a rumour Cash Converters send most products between states because they pretty much know its all flogged

That’s an intriguing rumour. Might explain why their crap is so expensive: Interstate shipping!

It’s also interesting to note, their primary source of income is actually through their cash loan business. It’s something in the realm of nearly 500% in annualised interest - It’s legal theft and I can’t believe they’re even allowed to operate. </threadjack>

Legalised loan sharking!

fuck i might start up a cashies franchise so i can catch/rope up bike thieves and get all my tax back from the society suckers at the same time,just kidding im a cash job vampire