Jamis Nova on Ebay

I really like the look of this frame and would love to have a go at CX.
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It’s my size and looks in good nick.
Those of you who do ride CX would you recommend this frame as a beginner?
What price do you think it should go for?


while i know nothing of cyclo cross, i was talking to specialized rep about “van dessel”. he had spent a bit of time in the states at shows and shit and said they are a pretty big name in CX over there.

maybe a bit pricy but i thought id throw it out there
Van Dessel Gin and Trombones Cyclocross Bike 56cm | eBay

When I looked at the Jamis bikes/frames they looked as good as any other brands I had seen at the time. If you can get that frame for a good price then it will be fine for everything you require also being steel I would feel happier giving it a beating better than a carbon jobbie.

I know Andy White of Fyxo has one of the recent Jamis Nova Race bikes that he built up for commuting/courier-ing etc. Pretty sure he had a post up about it on Fyxo. Could be worth checking it out. From memory, he was very fond of the bike as a whole. I’ve been eying one off as a commuter too.

The ebay ad is a Reynolds frame. Andy’s was a stock, aluminum jobby.

Ahh it is too. Totally missed that.

i would ride it

Jamis get their bikes from the same place as a number of other brands (no surprise), and by all reports the frame is racy and good. the main difference AFAIK is frame material rather than geometry. this refers to the current range of frames. this looks older and it looks nice. with pick-up only i doubt you will have a lot of competition…

you should buy the bike than sell it to me later when i need a new frame. :wink:

202 bucks. Was it you?

I really wanted this but just messed up my bidding. I was trying to get back to a computer to increase my bid but couldn’t .

Real shame.

Was it u dubrat

Not me

I did get his White Industries wheel set Just picked them up.

He couldn’t remove the white industries free wheel so I got that to.

They Need a little bit of a clean up but look good

Now to find a frame…