January Rides (Visitor).

G’day Guys,
I’m visiting town 'till January 25, am free almost every day and am keen on some riding. (only found out about last Tuesday’s ride the following day, and I’m staying a block from the Seacliff Park, argh!)

I’m thinking of heading up the expressway and onto the Coast to Vines rail trail to McLaren Vale or Willunga for lunch one day. Hopefully Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday this coming week if anyone is interested and free of work related obligations.

Also keen for some pubs rides in and around town.

Also keen for some rides to and from TDU stages and am doing the Challenge Tour (not fixed, I see the thread from weeks ago has died?!?!?!).

Thanks, and hope to meet some of you before I head back to Canberra.


come out on Tuesday night at least, there will be much discussion and riding to be had.
I might be up for a day time ride sometime, still need to confirm it though.
If you’re into polo, we’ll be out there tomorrow afternoon from 2, details <a href=“http://bikepoloadelaide.blogspot.com/”>here</a>