JAp Max

Bit bodged together esp around the bottom bracket ie. they aren’t max lugs or stays but the paint is coolish. Bit pricey.

Panasonic pursuit frame Columbus Max tubing pista NJS | eBay

OOohhh that’ss nice.

Fuck that’s nice! It ticks all the boxes!

He has other rad stuff to. I’m going to keep my eye on thatConcor!

Did you take a look at the photos??

It is not NJS, only the front triangle is Max and the BB that is NJS stamped has had the lugs cut off it and pieced back together with very little skill. It looks good from afar but the details certainly don’t add up to $1000.

Ah, that makes sense. That junction did look pretty strange.

That seat cluster is a bit messy, why go to all that trouble and then leave it looking unfinished.
I do love that paintjob though