Going to japan late march, will be in Tokyo for a fair while, will day it to Yokohama and go over to Osaka.

SO. Drop some knowledge folks on what shops to hit and miss, im no NJS freak but it wont hurt to look hey.

Keen to cruise Tokyo, even if it is on some hired folding bike that i can take on the train.


these threads have relevant information.
you will enjoy cycling in japan.

Never been but for me it would be tea houses and bonsai.

Buy a bike over there… Complete Panasonic track for like 80,000 Y ($900), seems to be A LOT of old track frames all over Yahoo auctions and other japanese trade/sell websites that go for around $250 with the equivalent in Aus going for 500+!

go to tokyo hands; it hands bikes. but more importantly it has a floor full of wacky shit.

Go to the first otaku store you see and buy a replica glock BB gun a whole lot of pellets. Shoot yourself in the legs first so you know how it feels, then shoot all your friends. Then buy some beers from a comvenience store and go to the park, drink the beers, line up the cans and shoot them. Then don’t try to bring it back through Aus customs.

i brought 2 bb guns back with me on my last trip. they are fckn awsm! i just took them apart. there’s even a BB gun firing range in shinjuku with the craziest BB guns.

sorry to threadjack, but THIS is a motherfvcking BB gun

Barrett M82 50cal replica. omg

also i want to go to Japan sooo bad. would it be worth getting in touch with user Ren for info? he knows everything apparently

+1 for Tokyu Hands. I saw a complete set of the CMWC Sugino and Nitto parts in a cabinet when I was there. They have some pretty awesome prices on that stuff.

I stayed around the corner from a bicycle shop called Y’s Road in Osaka. Blew my fucking mind! They had the entire range of pretty much every major marque in the world. Whole sections of the store were dedicated to Cannondale, Specialized, Bridgestone, Bianchi, Colnago, Look, Klein, De Rosa, Cervelo, GIOS, BMC, Tommasini, etc. with the bikes, and all the merch as well. Check the link to see what I mean.

We hired bikes in Kyoto and if I were to go back I would take a bike with me (or make plans to buy one early in the trip).

Protip have an Ipod or a PSP or a good book hell a ds works for long mother trucking long train rides. Oh not bike related but if you can head to Book Off, oh and head on into Akihabara and Visit Super Potato. Now i cant remember if it was Super Potato or another store whos name has gone over the top of my head. But imagine Trash Video BUT A BILLION times bigger. Oh how i miss wasting 50 bucks a day on an Arcade and stuffing my face with Katsudon…

Fixed Gear in Japan -

My blog entry from my trip to Japan

really nice trip you had… i always want to go to japan… and yeah you’re lucky didnt get pull over by not having brake :smiley:

the bike shop in japan are small but they always have rare stuffs, same like car parts shop, theres always amazing stuff in small shop…

Good luck trying to do this. Been to Japan twice looking at old Japanese track stuff in shops. it’s expensive. Also, it’s not as easy as going on a Yahoo auction (unless of course, you can read, write and speak Japanese) and getting an old Keirin bike.

Oh yeah, there is a lot of threads about Japan on this forum.