japan in january

so it looks like i will be travelling to japan in the middle of jan.
i have questions thrice

  • will there be kieren/track races on and how would i find out about them?
  • is it worth buying a frame/parts over there and bothering with the hassles of customs, airlines, etc?
    -any popular places not worth seeing or unknown places well worth it?

Thrice, I will supply answers…
Yes, the internet.
Yes, post them home if it looks like trouble.
Yes, the internet.

Keirin racing… search for user Tomity on here. He might be able to help you out with dates etc.

Parts and frames, depends what you want. I brought a frame and parts home with me. It wasn’t a huge issue (I managed to get a bike box to pack it in). If it’s under a grand customs can’t charge you extra and weight wasn’t an issue. Shops in Tokyo for frames… Sexon Super Peace, Dreamworks, Punch, W-Base (more so for parts), Carnival (upstairs from W-Base), Tokyu Hands in Shibuya (for fixed gear stuff), Plus Blue Lug and I think there’s a few more. Search for the Keirin shopping in Japan thread.

i loved osaka, kyoto and tokyo. hit up <a href=“WeGotWays.com is for sale | HugeDomains”>Kinfolk Lounge</a> when you’re in tokyo.

If your skint and you want to pick up a frame or parts consider trading.

Bring your non-jap parts/frame and see if any of the locals will do you a trade.
I’m sure some made in oz frame would get some interest. :mrgreen: