Japan: noise experimental music scene

going to japan in late August and really wanna hit some noise, experimental, fuzzed out sounds when there. splitting my time between tokyo and down south(not sure where down south, seem a bit olde worlde touristy, obviously but you know)
think merzabow
king gizzard and the lizard wizard
god speed you black emporor
etc etc etc…

hit me up… links would also be good…


Why not get some tips from their facebook page?

And just looking on Oren Ambarchi’s site he played gigs at SuperDeluxe. So that could likely be a good place to try too.

I reckon you just need to go and get amongst it.

thanks… always forget about bookface… indeed get amongst it.

Zeni Geva and whatever KK Null would be doing these days
Acid Mothers Temple and stuff Kawabata Makoto is doing

I’m a bit out of the loop with that stuff but back in 98 or so I organized a gig for AMT in my town (Toulouse) and they stayed with us. Good times!

Hit up some record stores maybe? Stiff Slack is based in Nagoya, and leans towards indie rock / post punk / post hardcore / emo, but they might be able to help you.

I was there a week or so ago and the guy that runs it seems friendly enough.

there is that 5/6 floor record store in tokyo gonna hit that and look for gig posters n stuff…ask in there hope fully cop some nic hornby attitude japanese style :slight_smile:

Disk Union?

I went to the Shinjuku store(s) last year on Record Store Day. Got some stuff from the punk store and the indie floor. The soundtrack level is pretty crazy as well (I think they were in the same building, the punk store was in another building around the corner). There wasn’t as much “rare” stuff as I thought, and it can get really expensive fast, but it was fun record digging.

Not what you asked for but I’m pretty sure Gauze are playing in August. I’ve got friends going over especially for the show.

Saw Numb and Exonomo about 10 years ago now and at the time they were pretty much what you were after.

But sounds like become a lot more dance-oriented now.

And 444Capsule is pretty that kind of deal. Got that Merzbow heavy sound but bit more musicality.


Haha! Gauze are fucking good!

Yeah go to the Disk Unions, Big Love Records, there’s plenty of flyers and posters for upcoming gigs. There was a cool venue (trying to find the name) in Tokyo that had a lot of decent shows. I saw Forward, Life, Long Knife and a couple other local punk/crust bands that were sick, and everyone was super friendly.

EarthDom I think was the venue, also check Antiknock