JayWoo's Paconi goes fixed

I had this commuter for a while as a cheap ass SS. You know, cassette type hub, bunch of spaces. I upgraded the Track Bike’s wheels (SUZUE Basics, Alex DA22?s) so I decided to use these to fix the Paconi. 1st small prob was the rear spacing. Frame 130mm, hub 120mm. That’s only 10mm, 5mm either side. The axle was long enough for a cone lock nut on either side which gave me my 5mm. I took some measurements a figured that I needed a 107 BB. I also up graded to a 1/8 chain, which meant a new front chainring(46t) & cog(18t) to boot.

Nice one. So we’ll see you on Saturday then?

Where was the pic taken?

Let me guess, those wheels came off your 2005 avanti pista.

That the roll that leaves behind melb uni? What sorta riding do you get up to? Pix were taken in Victoria Pde, Clifton Hill. Right near my fav Coffee & Muffin stop in the area, Degani’s.

Spooky :lol:

Yup, that’s the one. No fixed route (pun intended). Although in the last couple of weeks we always seem to find our way to shifter bikes eventually.

The bike looks ‘porno’…great modification. You don’t have a before shot do you?

Yeah, early days here;

I got the frame\fork\stem off eBay as you see it. I started with the tensioner to give me the flexibility to try different ratios till I found one that I liked. I then got myself a 42t up front & 16t out the back and ditched the tensioner. I rode it like this for about a year, then fixed it. With the parts that I got recently to fix it I got a rear Surly hub (F/F Silver, 32h). With more funds I’ll get a front one too, then get them built up. Not sure on the rims yet. I’m thinking Mavic Opens or maybe Velocity Razors. A box type rim would suit the frame I reckon. Suggestions anyone?

You can’t go wrong with Open Pros I reckon. I’ve had a few Open Pro wheels and never any problems with them.

I’m about to build up some track wheels with Velocity Aeros. I was considering Razors but I decided the aeros suited the hubs a bit better.

Cool, another happy customer. I don’t think I’ve heard a bad word about them. I can’t seem to find anyone that’s used Razor’s though to give some sort of opinion on them.

Ooo, what hub ya lacing in?

These ones

Suntour Superbes.

BTW, I’ve read stories of the ‘famous’ Open Pro clicking sound but I’ve never had any that made noises they shouldn’t have.

Open Pro’s are fucking DOPE.

Irrelevant pic, but you get my drift punch.

Lordyfuckchrist :shock: Shiny :smiley: