Jehst show/street press info

I have tickets/flights/hotel booked for the Jehst show in your fair city next week (29/06/12), however looking at his website I can’t seem to find any information whatsoever and am starting to get a bit sceptical (I even tried emailing him but no reply), anyone have the names of local Melb streetpress that I can look up on the net and see if there’s any news. Failing that if anyone in Melbs is going and can confirm that it’s actually going ahead that’d be sweet.

I’ll be a tad pissed if I get all the way over there only to find it’s not actually him (like that dude in the UK who advertised a Peter Andre show and it turned out to be a DJ called Peter Andrex and they claimed they forgot to include the X on the poster).

this shuold do you…

Jehst And More At The Prince Bandroom | Beat Magazine

nice one dude,
anyone going?