Jenna Makgill rides Homer Tunnel, Fiordland NZ (Fixed Brakeless)

Jenna Makgill Rides the Homer Tunnel | Spoke Magazine

Jenna Makgill must be one tough chick. I’ve driven the Homer Pass and the Homer Tunnel. The pass is an impressive climb and descent and the tunnel is dark, dank, narrow, uneven, steep with streams of water pouring down it. I simply couldn’t imagine riding it fixed brakeless. Very impressive indeed!

Much more impressive than some over-produced Rapha video featuring some douche riding Stelvio with his Romaneque locks all hanging out… If you don’t know what I mean just forget it.

That is pretty impressive. I worked in Fiordland - measuring native bush for a few months, only way to get around is helicopters, its amazing.
This was one of our campsites: