Jersey for Blakey

I see you posting marmite on instagram,
So you need this.
Foska Marmite (Hate Jams) Classic Jersey | Evans Cycles
and if you take the tandem


If only it were sanitarium marmite!

A+ though. (Even though I don’t hate jams, or james, or the jams)

Oh man - I want that jersey too.

That actually rules.

holy crap - who would even wear this…

holy fucking fuckballs i want this, but only XXlarge!!!

Vodka and Irn Bru…with a Rowie…breakfast of champions when I worked in Aberdeen!!!

irn bru & a steak bake from greggs bakery, perfect hangover cure!!

Lol. What a cock

Saw a fella riding a a crabontastic colnago with record wearing one of these hate jams jerseys, I showed my appreciation and his thanks was delivered in a pommie accent (surprise surprise).

Have been looking for this without success at my local supermarkets. Who carries the sanitarium version these days?

British Audaxers seem to live on ‘beanz on toast’ during events for reasons I don’t understand. Perhaps they are relying on the hovercraft effect to minimise saddle pressure.

My local Woolworths palps it.

ever since i tried coles organic bakes beans, heinz can seriously go get fucked.

Lies. (if not lies, buy it all and I’ll give you beer in exchange!)

The Sanitarium factory in CHCH was damaged in the earthquake, and it’s the only place in the southern hemisphere that makes Marmite. Stocks have since sold out in shops and the only place to get it is ebay, at ~$20-40/jar. The factory is supposed to be back in operation in July. I have two jars left in my stash.

^ Oh right, sorry, I haven’t bought it for a while…

I hope the Vegemite factory survived the recent Melbourne earthquake, or else there will be a yeast extract shortage on our hands!

$40 for a jar of marmite…

that is supply/demand m8