Jerseys Galore! Neon Euro etc

Having a jersey clear out. Check them out on ebay, all starting at 99c.

More to be listed this week.

bugsdownunder2010 | eBay

hands off the toro jersey!

its probably too big for most you skinny bastards anyway =D

ha, i’m nowhere near clydesdale category yet, and it’d fit me perfectly…but i’m eyeing off the telekom pair.

Damn it, why are all the good jerseys too big

will be watching all of these closely.

Keen on one of the telekom ones and the Toro

I’ll be putting the rest of them up tonight, probably another 4 or 5. Pick up fine if you are in Brisbane and happy to combine postage for multiple items.

Right they’re all up now so fill ya boots. I’ve got new toys to pay for and a move coming up so look out for a bunch of stuff being listed from now til the end of the year!

Finishing today and tomorrow. I spent more money this weekend too, more stuff to come in the next fortnight.

almost forgot!

Listing some more stuff this week, not so much bike stuff this time around but people might be interested.

bugsdownunder2010 | eBay

Right thats me done this week, couple of jerseys, some band shirts, other clothes and random shit. I promise there will be some bike parts next time!

Bump, just listed some bike parts etc. Check em out, link in first post.

I always wanted a very good condition root!