Jesseppi Sunshine in sydney

I will be in sydney from sunday for three weeks. If you guys want any product reviews or anything like that get at me. Keep in mind i dont ride steel, “straight alu, better value” you know what it is. I will also have on me my iphone 4s so if you want some sweet shots taken i have my rig for that.

ill also be bringing down some stickers. they have rays of sunshine on them
swoop them

stay half in the light, half in the shade

kiss kiss

Jesseppi sunshine

Who are you?

a bottom feeder

pro piss taker :smiley:

i thought this was a community?

want me to showcase your awesome ride brah?

Is this a Prolly stunt? He’s the only internet personality I know who calls people “Brah”.

hey jesseppi you got a blog/tumbr/hipstagram?

Fuck jessepi in Sid a knee,
He is like hipster folk law up here,
We have all heard of him but very few are lucky enough to have seen him.
He is known to skid so hard his front tyre pops.

once he’s through with your town, it’ll be better known skid-a-knee-over-brah

i bet the little c unt has a sunshine coast beard too… you the the kind wizard like… un kept un cared for generally fucking awful…

here in ‘skid a knee’ over barhhhh… fixies fucking suck so no one will even notice… :wink:

it will all be in vain…

Haha soo true I’m from the coast and all the hipster surfers have Ned Kelly beards.
Have you been hanging up here.

fuck no

bondi is full of the scare crow, lazy, wizardy little pricks… they fight the cockroaches for food scraps in the streets…

Emaciated while not yet emancipated is the new fixed.

Hahaha “wizardy little pricks”