jewellery makers Melbourne.

So I’m in need of a ring.

Can anyone suggest anywhere or had good/bad experiences?

Inner north preferred, but willing to travel for the right match.

If we are going to keep it in the forum, Markee’s wife does that kind of stuff. Send him a PM.
May or may not be what you’re looking for.

Have a chat to Ingot on Brunswick St, they’ve got a few makers they sell for.

I’ve seen people in there chatting about rings but I’ve only ever bought ‘off the shelf’

Definitely go and have a chat to Ralf Fisch. He’s out in The Basin at the base of the 1:20, so you could get a ride in while you’re out there. He was by far the best jeweller I dealt with when I was trying to organise a ring, and I’m a very fussy (read annoying) customer. Numerous friends/family have used him since all have been very happy.

Wayne Lynch Master Jeweller | Jewellery North Melbourne | Wayne Lynch Designs

Couple doors down from Auction Rooms.
Old school jeweller who knows his stuff and is honest to his word. Used him refurbish and repair a ring in a very quick turnaround.
I have other recommendations but they are not inner north…

An old workmate of mine, she’s good people and in collingwood.

PM replied.