Jim Bundy Columbus Max Track

With the help of Mr. Spirito in Sydney, I purchased this Jim Bundy track frame off Jim Bundy himself over 18 months ago. It’s now finished, save for the fact that I haven’t purchased the pedals yet, but I’ve waited long enough to post this so fuck it, here it is.

Frame - Jim Bundy Columbus Max Track, Suntour tips and ends.
Wheelset - Araya Super Aero 16h laced 1x with Hoshi bladed spokes to Dura-Ace 7710 hubs. Plus a Sugino 75 Aluminium rear track disc.
Cockpit - Dura-Ace 7400 headset. Dura-Ace 7400 90mm stem. Nitto B123A steel track drops.
Ass-bits - Dura-Ace 7400 aero seatpost. Kashimax AX-4A Aero saddle.
Drive-train - Dura-Ace 7710 Octalink bottom bracket. Dura-Ace 7710 track cranks. Dura-Ace Olympic 49t chain ring. Dura-Ace 13t/14t track sprocket. Izumi chain.

From what I understand, this frame has a bit of history, and has been through a number of hands despite the fact it looks brand new. I think long ago it was actually damaged in a crash. From what I understand, it ended up back in Jim’s hands and he decided he would fix/rebuild it, so he acquired some replacement Columbus Max tubing and lugs to replace the damaged sections of the frame, and went about restoring it to it’s original glory. Lick of fresh paint and some new decals, and here it is. I believe this is a photo of Jim working on the frame, though Spirito is welcome to correct me on any of this.

So hot it’s not funny. You’re a lucky bastard.

so you gonna come down to the track now?

and yes this thing is so fucking nice it hurts


About time! Very nice.

Mmmmm… MAX! Very very very nice!

Hot damn! That thing is absolutely gorgeous! Good shit indeed.

Fuck i love those Dura Ace stems. Nice bike.

Very nice indeed! Can this also go in the PORN section !

Side note: I’ve been in his workshop(pictured), the one out the back of his house. It’s freaking amazing. Went there to pick up my gf’s road bike which I bought from him and ended up staying for a cuppa tea, can o’ drink and quite a few hours.

contender for BOTY - fukkin ridiculously lovely.

my oh my. everything about this is awesome TO THE MAX!! gorgeous bike, especially with that disk.


Disc is giving me series wood. So’s the frame. Sick.

I was gonna say ‘needs moar rizorz’ but seriously, that’s just plain rude. Awesome.

Insane. I presume this will only be found on the boards?

Thanks for the input Jimmy. And actual non-sarcastic thanks to everyone else for the feedback. It’s been a long road but I’m pretty happy with how it’s turned out.

And yes gents, this is a track-only ride, and yes you will be seeing me up at Darrebin in the very very near future. Was hoping to do some more training at the Sunday sessions before I started racing but that’s proving to be difficult what with having parental responsibilities on Sunday mornings, so might just start racing and learn on the job.

Hot stuff!!

“I only ride discs”

god damn!

you already know i love this bike, but i’ll say it again, i fucking love this bike!