Jim Bundy Roadie frame - 52cm - Sydney - $200

Seems like decent value to me, unfortunately too small

Bicycle Bike Frame Jim Bundy Fixie Reynolds 531 | Sport & Fitness | Gumtree Maroubra

Nice! Someone buy it then chase Pete up for some fresh stickers

my $0.02c = I’m guessing the fork is a Bundy but the frame isn’t.

any tell tale marks? Jim never used columbus ends? Stays? brake bridge?

It’s hard to tell unless the frame was in my hands, and up close. Jim used plenty Columbus tubing and dropouts, he also used Gipeimme, Suntour and Campagnolo dropouts too. Like most journeymen he used what was available and affordable at the time.

It’s just the pic showing the stays joining the dropout. You can see the fork is nicely rounded/scalloped where the fork drop out meets the fork blade. The rear stays are cut abruptly, and not finished at the join. Also it looks like a breather hole was left where the seatstay meets the dropout - never seen Jim do that, it’s a weak point and would be better filled/brazed with brass all the way through the join. I’m not saying Jim’s frames are refined and perfectly detailed but the frok looks like Jim’s and the rear stays/dropout finish doesn’t.

Hard to say with the rest of the frame, details aren’t as clear. The whole frame looks like an older respray, which means it could be anything. $200 is fair if everything’s alright - I wouldn’t bank on the sellers claims.

Didn’t even look but it seems the frame/seller is around the corner from me. Don’t have the time to check it out and not inclined to waste sellers time playing speculator/detective.