Jim Bundy slow burner project - French-ish/Mixed parts/Pass Hunter

Foolish me. I started this project about 3 days before I was to head down for this years Melbz-Roobaix. I always leave it late and with too much to do. I decided to take my all chrome Jim Bundy frameset out of the shed and build it up with mixed parts although quite French/Japanese rando inspired. I liked the idea of a Pass Hunter and I’d seen a few Toei’s with low gearing, wide tyres and built for doing climbs (mountain passes).

Even though I suck at climbing and there’s not really any big mountain passes here I like the idea of a bike built up to ride over the hills and far away, and over some dirt/unsealed roads too. That’s the aim, kinda. I been thinking about a bike like this since I rode through the Hunter region with Mrs. Spirito a little while back. I was on a tourer built for carrying loads and with fenders but we only rode in fair weather and did out and back day rides of about 100-150k’s so the bike wasn’t ideal and heavier than it needed to be. I was looking for a bike that was less touring, more sporting and hopefully geared just right so I’d have a better chance of not being dropped on every hill by Mrs. Spirito.

I also hoped to do the Bundy frame justice and have it on the road again. It was my fixed gear street ride of long ago and I always loved riding it but I’d never had it built up as a geared bike. I bought it used and confirmed with Jim it was one of his. It saw plenty of action around the eastern suburbs where I live and eventually found it’s way into the shed as the frame starting to weather/rust quite a bit. It waited almost 4 years to see the light of day again and although I thought it would be best served with some period parts but still kind of unique.

I thought you sold the drillium Simplex?

No way :wink: … It was just waiting for the right home.

Needs more photos.

Animated .gif perhaps?


I kid. I look forward to seeing this build.

That’s a lot of parts to polish! Will look amazing in the sun.

As mentioned I leave it late and boy did I have a lot to do in 2 days to have it ready in time. I went through the shed and picked up all the parts. A real melange … just like Jim would have built up (using what he had at hand). I had to do a lot of work on the frame (clean up rust), polish a tonne of parts, repack bearings, build wheels and fit it all up.

I got stuck in and thought I was going to be a chance of making it in time until I realized/remembered that the fork steerer was very short (probably the reason It ended up in the shed). I could barely get the high zoot gold ano’d F.T. Bologna headset to fit but it was without a washer and my plans of using a cable housing hanger for centrepull brakes was out the window. Frustrated, especially as I’d made a trip to Hooper Bearings to source the 25 loose 1/8" balls top and bottom. My day was done and it was evident that this project was going to take a lot longer than I’d first thought.

Fast forward a few months and it starting to take shape. I’ve cleaned up the frame as best I could. It’s still rough in a few areas but I don’t mind at all and in fact quite like leaving it with some patina. The decals courtesy of CycloMondo go on a treat and really pop. In contrast I used an original Reynolds waterslide decal and bodged it, but I also really liked the way it looked , cruddy and torn up, so I left it as is.

Lightly polished the Specialites TA cranks. Laced up the early Suntour Superbe high flange hubs (that I sold to Blakey and bought back from him) but haven’t as yet tensioned and trued them. Fitted the Phil Wood BB. Finally found a clamp mount for the Simplex shifters. Simplex rear derailleur on *thanks Blakey :wink: rear drops sit at 122mm (original). Most importantly I fitted a Campy Pista headset as the stack height allows for a cable stop hanger and a spacer (more on that later).

It’s starting to look good … I don’t want it perfect looking and am trying to use “used” parts so it’s all in keeping and looks balanced. Imperfection is perfection I onced said to Richrd Sachs (before he made it his quote). I also find mixing around different parts kinda liberating, just using what I have and what I like. Italian/French/Japanese and American so far, on an Aussie built frame.


And yeah, the torn Reynolds decal just works.

Okay, you’ve got my attention. Liking this a lot.

How’s Medo? Looking chilled as ever…

Spizza, regarding those simplex shifters, ive come across two sets now that look the same but dont have the simplex engraved, any clue who might have made em? Did simplex/GPM ever make a version witout the ‘simplex’ panto on em?

*ps, lovin the mash of parts and chrome.

He cracks me up every day and I admire how he loves sleeping in the sun each morning till he warms up his old bones a little. He also acts as my bike stylist and advises me what parts to use.

Yes. Simplex made 'em for Gippiemme, Spidel, Mavic and probably a few other brands, hence why some of them are unbranded.

This I heard the other day, worth a listen ABC Classic FM - Mornings - What’s your dog trying to tell you?

Oh and I agree with sentiment about the reynolds decal, but I bet you were cursing initially when it started breakin up.

Hey, looking good. This build thread has made a dull long-weekend day at work a little better.

I approve of this bike, muchly.

And Medo’s cool coat too :stuck_out_tongue:

So, I’ve finally got a bit of time to pick up the Bundy project. Tensioned the wheels, and fitted the Grand Bois Cypres tyres (thanks Cheeky Transport). Nice and fat and sweet !!! Cleaned up the SR Royal stem and Mafac centrepulls, fresh Koolstop pads (no squeal). Sunny day, EPMD and Dre playing in the background. Trial fit for the Specialites TA rack. Decided to use an old Brooks “B 7” Champion Flyer that’s been sitting in the shelf for too long. Slowy beginning to take shape.

more more! Looking good Ben.

Yeah loving this,

Phwhoar! I need a bike like this for summer methinks… Love it.

Lovely. That rack is terrific.