JLN's music thread

still can’t embed videos, despite smuggy telling me about five million times.

This is as lit as it gets:



Deafheaven and Zeal & Ardor are playing a show together in Perth in Feb. Very jealous.

I saw Terror here in Canberra last night. A hugeee bucketlist band for me and I have always seen to miss them on past tours. Has anyone else caught them while they’re here?

Absolutely lived up to expectations, will be jamming them for weeks now.

I didn’t see them this time, but have seen them twice before. They are pretty much the epitome of a full on live hardcore band. They played on the Gold Coast and a mate went and said it was packed and there was no aircon.

Was listening to The White Stripes version of Dolly Parton’s Jolene. So I thought I should listen to the original and see how they compare. I immediately thought the finger picking guitar part was sweet and how good it would be to loop into a hip hop/dance track. Found Dolly Parton vs Jay Z Jolene Is Mine (KMT Mix) which does exactly that:


Also check out Jolene covered by Darcy Clay, not bad


Saw Z&A last Saturday. Triple attack vocals were absolutely killer The whole crowd also sang along to most of the songs. 5 stars

Deafheaven last night. They played their new song, Black Brick, for the first time live. It was released on Spotify a few hours later. George has a real stage presence, and I am in awe of his banshee wail. Another 5 star show.

what’s that they say - Some give joy when they enter a room
Others when they leave


2007 in all its glory:


SPORTS is one of my favourite songs at the moment.

Been getting into Drug Church lately and can’t get enough of it.

A bit of a mix of the Pixies and Fucked Up.

Lately I’ve been submersing myself in my 90’s happy place - Farside circa 1994:

Is anyone going to see At The Gates, The Haunted and Witchery in Melbourne on Saturday? Coincidentally, I’m going to be in town and night go along. Otherwise I might see them tonight in Canberra

That’s a solid lineup @Bigadz , but alas I am not going. Seeing Russian Circles tonight in Melbourne though. Unfortunately the airlines have lost the bass player’s pedal board…

Enjoying this currently:

Not a fan of the Violent Femmes myself, but their album artwork should be familiar to Melburnians:

How was it Adz? I watched a vlog of the tour last night (from one of the guitarists) and the Canberra show looked packed!

I’m a fan of The Haunted, not very familiar with At The Gates.

Didn’t end up going actually, wish I did.

Been cranking along to Brutus lately

Found this via the Round and Round records IG.

Described as drone with some twang.

I like it.