JLN's music thread

Lately I’ve been submersing myself in my 90’s happy place - Farside circa 1994:

Is anyone going to see At The Gates, The Haunted and Witchery in Melbourne on Saturday? Coincidentally, I’m going to be in town and night go along. Otherwise I might see them tonight in Canberra

That’s a solid lineup @Bigadz , but alas I am not going. Seeing Russian Circles tonight in Melbourne though. Unfortunately the airlines have lost the bass player’s pedal board…

Enjoying this currently:

Not a fan of the Violent Femmes myself, but their album artwork should be familiar to Melburnians:

How was it Adz? I watched a vlog of the tour last night (from one of the guitarists) and the Canberra show looked packed!

I’m a fan of The Haunted, not very familiar with At The Gates.

Didn’t end up going actually, wish I did.

Been cranking along to Brutus lately

Found this via the Round and Round records IG.

Described as drone with some twang.

I like it.

OOh, later Earth is v good. Their early stuff is a lot more glacial. Fun fact: Kurt Cobain played in the band very early on for about three minutes.

So for 1/3 of a song?

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Most of Tool’s discography is on streaming services now

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ahhh man, 52 years ain’t an age to be dying.

Unrelated: Should we talk about the new Tool song? I love it. Others mightn’t.

this one’s for you @MikeD


I love those Vox Earworm vids.


me too! Estelle is doing jah’s work

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I’ve been giving the new King Gizzard album a spin this week - absolutely loving the thrash vibes on it.

I’m not really into it.
It’s a bit like that little cousin who just discovered Metallica and Slipknot.

Interesting take BigAdz. I find the King Gizzard album a lot more old school than that.

If you want to vibe on some different metal, try:

Waste of Space Orchestra - Syntheosis. It’s epic finnish psychedelic black metal, a collab between Oranssi Pazuzu and another band I can’t remember

Pijn and Conjurer also have a split EP of some sort that’s sludgy. There’s a bit of Baroness and a bit of ISIS in there if you tilt your head the right way.