JLN's music thread

:+1: for the recommend, Iooks like music I enjoy

Yeah! Never fight a man with a perm!

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Man, this is rad! Nice one Nikcee

late to party but new Darkthrone record bangs so hard. Fenriz is the absolute king of kings.

I was dubious, and then I saw the guy’s history, and then I listened and was stoked.

Also means I can start ‘influencing’ the child’s musical tastes more :wink:

I think I’m being more influenced by the kids than the other way around, saw these girls last night to close out Lost Lands festival, they were unreal

They are playing a free festival (open spaces) at the Abbotsford convent soon.

Yep we’re on it. They’re on 5:15 on Sunday

nearly the end of 2010, so we’re due for a chart topping roundup from now to the beginning of time

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pretty good
pretty, pretty good

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mate put me onto Czarface recently, im a fan.

New Dua Lipa album bangs extremely hard. New queen of pop ngl.

New Little Dragon is great!

Also, This guy …

Been getting into a bit of ‘post rock’, or bands with extremely convoluted atmospheric names.

And of course old favourite Sleepmakeswaves have some new stuff:

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Last tag reminded me of this video, was shot (in part) at the tag location. Time duration: 4 mins 20 secs.


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Best video of the year.

Ok. So how do you embed Youtube in here again?

just gotta put the link in then add a new line and it’ll work it all out