JLN's music thread

omg had to google this band, fml.

Been listening to this non stop all week

Just can’t get enough of this at the moment:

From 2011 :open_mouth: with Rodrigo Alfaro on vocals. What do you mean who’s Rodrigo Alfaro? He’s the lead singer of Satanic Surfers, geez. Continuing my standard of getting into bands after they’ve broken up. Check out their album ‘Currents’ if you’re partial to Ignite or Propagandhi…Nik.

Turned Out a Punk (podcast by the singer from Fucked Up) did a great episode interviewing the guitarist from Satanic Surfers. I feel like they might have mentioned this band… but i didn’t follow up.

Saw the Flaming Lips last night.

They were excellent.

They put on such a good spectacle of a show, makes other bands seem a bit dull by comparison.

I find this band to be amazing, both infectious and powerful. but watching live clips takes it to another level.

Their set from Glastonbury is really good too


:+1: for the recommend, Iooks like music I enjoy

Yeah! Never fight a man with a perm!

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Man, this is rad! Nice one Nikcee

late to party but new Darkthrone record bangs so hard. Fenriz is the absolute king of kings.

I was dubious, and then I saw the guy’s history, and then I listened and was stoked.

Also means I can start ‘influencing’ the child’s musical tastes more :wink:

I think I’m being more influenced by the kids than the other way around, saw these girls last night to close out Lost Lands festival, they were unreal

They are playing a free festival (open spaces) at the Abbotsford convent soon.

Yep we’re on it. They’re on 5:15 on Sunday

nearly the end of 2010, so we’re due for a chart topping roundup from now to the beginning of time

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pretty good
pretty, pretty good

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mate put me onto Czarface recently, im a fan.

New Dua Lipa album bangs extremely hard. New queen of pop ngl.

New Little Dragon is great!

Also, This guy …