JLN's music thread


dig cannibal ox…cold vein is a classic album…pity all the members fell off! making some bullshit stuff now

herbie hancock mentions is the goods!!! watermelon man all the way

been getting alot into gil scot herron and midnight express as of late

disco and soul…thats where it’s at!!


Melbourne band High Fangs


You’re speaking my language!

I’m more into the 80’s stuff: :slight_smile:


Music to write code to:
Rob Dougan
Pink Floyd
Midnight Juggernauts
The Presets

Music to write papers to:
Code 46 Soundtrack
Conjure One

Music to cook food to:
The Temper Trap
Modest Mouse
Passion Pit


the past two weeks have been about these albums.


Geeze, somebody’s stuck in the 90’s…

(great albums by the way)


80s stuff?

like disco boogie/ soul boogie

mtume, midnight express, skyy, cameron paul, nancy martin, sine,billy ocean, david boydell,fashion, fatback, cameo???

I dj that stuff…and disco,hip hop, future beats

playing with recloose this weekend…and putting on a big boogie/80s party on september 26…any bboys in the house?


Kraftwerk and Brian Eno is good for that.


hahah. no one is making good rap records at the moment, so its pretty difficult not to

currently listening to:


Great stuff!

I’m more one of those hoodie wearing people you see at gigs that just nods to the beat without moving their body… :evil:


no good rap records??

the new large professor album is fresh!

new black milk album is also dope!


[quote="hjb1000 "]

You’re speaking my language![/quote]

Care for a present?

Return of the Pusherman. Excellent compilation of disco and soul.

The track list is huge so I’m not going to post it, but it includes Kool & the Gang, Curtis Mayfield, Blackbyrds, Gil Scott-Heron & Brian Jackson. The Rimshots, Lou Rawls etc etc etc. If you want the full track-listing PM me.

Disc 01 - http://rapidshare.com/files/106356228/ROTPHSd2.rar.html
Disc 02 - http://rapidshare.com/files/106536940/ROTPHSd22.rar.html
Disc 03 - http://rapidshare.com/files/106539876/ROTPHSd23.rar.html


ill check them out.

EDIT: going to buy the Black Milk album after work.


in my mind, this is album of the year

ps - also currently listening to it.



metal font is metal


This seems to the the bands i listen to regularly of the last while.

Small Brown Bike
Poison The Well
The Broderick
Silversun Pickups
Brand New
Sigur Ros
The Hope Conspiracy
The Smashing Pumpkins
Everytime I Die
Mouth of the Architect


paging blakey


Bugger off Dale.