Joey's ok! Barrier jumping at it's finest.

Starcrossed 2011 - Joey’s Ok - YouTube


That’s going straight to the blog.

Wow… launched.

All of a sudden I’m loving CX.

“I think Joey’s ok”, she says… lol

Wow Joey really ate shit! He was going about Mach 2 into that barrier though, don’t see how it was ever going to end well.

Thats one way to get the job done…


That’s pretty impressive… The barrier didn’t even get knocked over!

Haha, I just sent this around the studio… all I heard for the last 5 minutes from various desks is ‘JOOOOEEEEY… WACK’.

Monday morning gold.

does anyone know if he was ok?

“Bro flew up about 10 feet in the air, after coming in way to hot to the barrier and clipping it – no actually just running right into it at full speed! I was at the barriers taking photos, didn’t expect that, saw how fast he was going, and reacted. Then first on the scene, I told him how much he ruled as he writhed around for a while with a lower back cramp (I’d have gone to the hospital). After the medics arrived, he was OK!”

No shit he was okay, the chick confirmed it.

Loved how confident he was on approach to the barrier…

I thought this might turn out badly when he dismounted on the right side of the bike.

From another viewpoint.

Starcrossed 2011 - Single Speed Eliminator Shoutout - YouTube

i want hear this with either yakkety sax or “joey” by concrete blonde.

How about Benny Hill?

i emailed this to a mate in the states and he replied saying he’s received it from 3 people, on 3 different continents. joey is totally famous

get up pussy, crashing on grass doesn’t hurt

i still can’t work out how he ended up superman-ing when his feet were unclipped and he only had one hand on the bars…

anyone can do physics/cgi re-inactment showing forces at play??