jong long?

are you still around?


Do you mean JP, I think he is in-between moves from canberra to melbourne…

oh I think he’s well and truly arrived in Melbourne…

  • Joel

I think Spuddy may be talking about a spammer who managed to get one post one before I deleted all traces of his existence.

If so, the answer is, no Jong Long is no longer around.

spammer = my mate :slight_smile: what did he post, i wonder…

You serious?

Well, I guess we’ll never know what he posted. I have zero tolerance for spammers. Especially since I have to delete 3 or 4 of them every single day.

Mmm… i’ll tell him to re-register then :smiley:

Tell him to fill in all the fields and make it look unspammish. I delete first and ask questions later. Except, usually I don’t ask questions later :slight_smile: