Jontay's Samson !

Hey Guys/Girls!

Ive been on forum for a while and thought its time to show pics of my daily ride. I purchased this Samson off Ra sometime mid last year, wonderful bike to ride so stiff and safe.

It has changed a bit since these pics, now running ellipse wheelset, vivalo fork now on the bike (due to nasty incident with asian lady) and different saddle/post. Some specs of the bike below:

Frame/fork: Sparkly Purple 56cm Samson/Blue Vivalo Fork
Wheels: Full Mavic Ellipse wheelset
Stem/Handlebars: Nitto Jaguar 110mm/ Chopped Black Nitto Risers with ourys/ Nitto Dropbars
Cranks: Dura-ace 167.5 mm with 48T Dura-ace chainring
Seatpost/Saddle: Dura-ace/Turbo Bio Saddle
Pedals: MKS Custom Nuevo/ Toshi doubles
Headset/BB: Hatta Swan/Sugino75
Gearing: 48t/19t

I recently also built up a Fuji Track Pro purchased off danny, may take it to the track or interchange between the two bikes.

If you see me commuting to work…dont be scared to say hello or request a SKID!

Thanks for looking, ill update with newer pics and also pics of the FTP!

safe riding! :slight_smile:


Nice. IMO, the top setup without the tt pad looks the gnarliest. not such a fan of front aerospokes. Where do you commute to/from?

haha yeah dw aerospoke long-gone!

i commute from north-melbourne to the ct, normally along swanston st

Photos with the Ellipse wheelset required ASAP
I love Ellipse after seeing it on your bike last week.

I love Samson’s.

I was so close to buying this, but I wasn’t allowed too :cry:. I showed her!

Hey are you from SG? I see Fixpatrix decal on the rims.

nah im not from sg, he sent some stickers over to me.

Same bike? if so i rekon it’d be worth something :smiley: