JoSe cuervo

Hey all, summer is coming and I reeeally wanna drin k those premixed Jose cuervo’s again, cos tequila an myself get into a really good drunken fun stupor.
But I can’t find them! I’ve looked in dan murphy’s, bws, riches liquor, liquor land, and I can’t find it!
Do any of you lovely alcohol nerds would have any information that may be usable to myself and my gf who also likes to drink it?

I remember those, they used to get me mega pissed! I’ll keep an eye out! tells me you can get it for $99 for a carton, provided you’re talkin about Jose Cuervo Vivezo premix…??

Seems Duncans are the only stockists

Boozle eh?
Duncans eh?
Thanks Rolly!

No worries, maybe Google them now you know their name.

You can buy me a REAL beer next time you see me :wink:

Real? As opposed to this being not real beer? Because it’s not a beer at all!

Isn’t it??? Haha, I suppose I didn’t look at it very hard huh!!!

No, not at all.
I even said ‘tequila’ at the start!

For some reason I thought it was some weird beer/tequila premix… like those horrific Carlton cold shots that were around many moons ago (i’ve just realised I’m getting old)

I remember buying two four packs of the Jose (YEARS AGO), I don’t remember much else.

Just buy a bottle of mezcal and star doin slammers.