Jung Typology Test

I did a search for this and didn’t come up with anything so here goes.

Personality test based on Jung and Briggs Myers typology

About 70 Yes or No questions. Should take about five to ten minutes. At the end click the Type Description by Keirsey and/or Butt for a spiel about your personality.

It’s kind of interesting if you’ve got 10 minutes to kill. I’ve been spending a bit more time with workmates analysing our results. Obviously these things are never 100% accurate but a lot of the shit was spot on for me. I wonder how similar or diverse the community is here on fixed, cos at work a lot of us share very similar traits being in the same profession.

My Briggs Myers is DGAF.


I won’t show Mrs. Spirito because it didn’t predict that I’m born with inherent skills for the remote control and that she should abdicate that responsibility completely to me. Also based on the above it makes me out to be kind of interesting, perhaps even flattering so I’m thinking it’s probably a load of crap.

I just wanted to validate that I’m sexy … like I need even more proof of that <roll eyes>

As I was madly trying to get through them all quickly I got to “25.You often do jobs in a hurry YES/NO”

Okay - I got 12% for ‘Thinking’ - that bad?

I am 88% intuitive. Wtf does that even mean.

12% chance of not having an innate understanding of Psyc tests.

I got 1% ‘thinking’. INTP - Same as Jung, Albert Einstein, Charles Darwin and… Tiger Woods.

or just intuitively knowing it’s bullshit.

100% omgwtfbbq

It says I’m talented- Jung Talent Time?

Oh Hamish.


my mum is a pyschologist and loves this shit.

the words myers briggs make me shudder. i have done the test before (of course i have), but can’t remember what i was… some ENHREGSDEGL sorta somethin

Nobr !

Says I should be in education.

ENTJ - Engineer / Computer Programming / Education.

Apparently I should be in Dressmaking & Design. ESFP Reppin’.

INTJ - law / management… lucky

INTJ! I am like Stephen Hawking and should be a librarian. riveting life, look forward to it.

i’m also like stephen hawking, but should be an engineer.

lulz im INTJ apparently as well…and im in engineering…although i fancy myself as quite the artisan on occasion when indulgin in hipstr delights such as tumblr