Just an update... =)

Hi All,

Just an update on my fixie, alot have changed since i first got it… so here it is =)

Q. “Does this hurt?”

Benny Gold 38/200

Looks nuts man. That back wheel is sweet.

But slack chain and rear brake… Single speed?

THanks =)
“single and fixed”

hehe reason i have brakes is because i still cant brake using my legs and i really dont want to go through tyres every month, so im keeping the brakes.

any reason why you chose to brake the rear and not front? usually the front is more effective plus you can use your legs to slow the rear.

is it cos your front rim is not machined?

otherwise, is nice =)

THanks =) …Yes because my front wheel is not machined… thats y i dont use front brakes… dont want to damage the paint…

Get a new front wheel that you can use a brake with.

Also I’d recommend putting the rear light on the seatpost so that it is directed towards traffic behind you. Where you have it now it it would not be very effective.

umm, are all your spoke cards just flyers for a club night?

whats up with those spoke cards bloke?

whats up with those spoke cards bloke?

umm, are all your spoke cards just flyers for a club night?

Don’t hate the player. How much did that horrible “limited edition” front wheel cost?

Hahah yeah they look like flyers the bouncers outside strip clubs hand to you…

nothing wrong with that chain tension for 3/8 drivetrain, looks about perfect

yeh my spoke cards is flyers for an event im making this weekend.

Those horrible wheels cost the same price as a normal velocity most people are rockin…

Riiigghhhtt… ive been passed strip clubs and ive never been handed flyers by the bouncers… but hey, watever you say =)

THanks… =)

Check the forsale boards…

with out a doubt the best bike on this site!!!

EDIT…not a fan of spoke cards i only have 2

Nice way to advertise event. Who wouldn’t stop and look at this sick bike. Then they will see the flyers and hopefully…


looks… … … expensive

Bit of cash in spare wheels in the background. Keeping them to interchange, or they up for sale?