Just asking to be stolen

I was walking down Brunswick rd a few days ago, and saw a mountain bike locked up by the seat post only. What are people thinking?

Since when do common folk think?

i saw a bike locked to a 4 foot high pole today!

someone at my work locks their bike to the bikerack by the quick release front wheel every single day.

Where? :evil:

Maybe they got sick of having their seat pinched and have enough seatpost-less bikes at home?

I think JP left a shogun MTB unlocked at Southern cross Train station for 2 days leant against the bike rack… no takers…! and it was in the current fasionable bright pink colour too… :slight_smile:

on bike snob at the moment, there’s a picture of a BMC conversion in Chicago, locked only by it’s front wheel (quick release front wheel i might add)
i think that takes the cake

yesterday in my g/f’s street, saw some sort of city bike/hybrid thingy locked up with a massive chain around the seatpost… genius.

At Melbourne Airport (Tulla) I was /nearly/ convinced my bike was going to find a new owner, locked near the police station in the loops, from Sat am to Mon am. But it didn’t. phew It was a shitty cannondale D-lock - dropped it once and the plastic cover popped off. The bit protecting the straight bit the key goes into. The shaft!

Anyone else left a bike there for a couple of days? They should have loops inside the terminal …

RCH today was a nice Avanti commuter locked to the fence. Well when I say locked, there was a slinky lock through the fence then nonchalantly draped around the seat post :expressionless:

Its an epidemic of stupidity!