Just bought first fixed, having 2nd thoughts

Hi all,

Recently bought a Cannondale Capo 2009 - love the bike but am thinking I made the wrong choice. It was either a new bike or build one of my own but I kept on missing out on frames on eBay. Got desponded, rest is history…

Contemplating selling the capo and using the money to fund a build… Have a couple q’s for you guys…

Would I be dreaming if I advertised for 1100 for the capo, given it is 2 weeks old?

And what would one expect to pay for a decent steel frame? They keep going for so much on ebay!

Any advice would be much appreciated.

if you love it… then whats wrong?

Always wanted to build from scratch, and preferably with steel. :slight_smile:

For a gauge on prices check out the frames Andy has for sale on Fyxomatosis: http://www.fyxomatosis.com/forum/viewthread.php?forum_id=3&thread_id=84

Not that many up there right now but basically what he has there is quality stuff, so mid to upper end of the price spectrum. Finding a complete steel track bike on eBay or somewhere else isn’t impossible but you’ll generally get ripped off. An idea is you could keep some of the parts from your Capo (say wheels, cranks maybe) and transfer them over to your new frame. Basically, you won’t get a GOOD steel track frame / complete bike for cheap. But you will probably love it a lot more than your off the shelf Capo. Probably doesn’t help you much but y’know.

Andy also gives a breakdown for pricing on a top of the line conversion here: http://www.fyxomatosis.com/news.php?readmore=1384. Parts don’t come much better than that, mind you, so don’t get disheartened.

Samuel- sounds like good advice. Thanks. I think I’ll keep an eye out for a decent frame and transfer the bits from the capo. Once I save up enough, anyway. :slight_smile: What is everyone’s guess at how difficult it’ll be to sell the frame? Or should I bite the bullet and try and sell the whole thing, given it is (effectively) brand new?

Thanks for the quick replies!

I doubt there’d be a lot of interest in the frame alone, to be perfectly honest. The appeal of off the shelf bikes is the fact that they are complete and easy to get, rather than that they are made up of excellent parts. You would probably sell the complete thing pretty easily, but then you’re without a bike again until you build your new ride.

Depends on how much you price the frame at, doesnt it?

put it up for sale for $100 and youll have a LOT of interest. price it as new and you might struggle. take 20-30%off and it might go. depends on who is looking…

Where are you and what size is it?

I’m in Melb. Bike is basically brand new- seen maybe an hours worth of use. It is a 56cm.

Bah, just ride the shit out of it while you build your next one. Better than having no bike at all.

Alien Bikes make sweet lookin’ lugged track frames, with sick geometry.


AU$830 for a painted one, drilled for a front brake, delivered.

ride more, worry about stuff less.