Just got my first frame

i bought my first track/ fixie frame today. i have a set of bars so were do i start the build from only ever build mtn bikes and does any one have any parts. its only for polo and a pub bike.

its a VISP frame the cheap asian ones

you will need wheels, cog, lock ring, chain, cranks, chain ring, stem, a visp comes with a headset from memory a cane creek?. seat, seat post, bottom bracket. probably left something else out,

if i were you i would start with wheels cause they are the most unique to track bikes. every thing else you can probably pick along your way.
you can pick up a good set of wheels from ebay for around 300 aus velocity deep v laced to origin sealed hubs they will work a charm. good luck !

thanks alot and for polo what ratio would i be looking for i dont the get 70" thing sorry im a mtn biker :?

search, search and search again. all of this has been covered a million times.

google sheldon brown, he has all the info.