just got my mig, tig and stick welding certification

Very happy indeed and now looking at buying my own 3:1 rig…

Any advice from other people in the game would be great.

Ps I need stickers to make my helmut look less Storm Trooper and more Daft Punk too!

Congratulations. Let’s just hope you learn how to use google otherwise we’re in for a lot of stupid questions :stuck_out_tongue:

helmut looks alright without stickers

i wish i still rememberd how to weld

Thorough prep, good equipment, steady hands and lotsa practice.

I wish I’d spent more time in metalwork/highschool actually learning instead of making ninja stars.

I immediatyely fell in love with TIG welding. It’s clean and quiet.

So fucking hot though…Whatever the welding method they are all really fucking HOT!!!

Wear long sleeves, or prepare to be mistaken for a junkie.

yeah funny that what with having to actually MELT metal and all :stuck_out_tongue:

Well done Aaron…and I am off to start the P-far course on Monday night.
More bikes to be built in brisneyland.

Awesome work bud! Can you make me a frame now? :stuck_out_tongue:

Had a welder for that course in the shop today - building a racing p-far for the race they have yearly in Vic-land. The one he built for the race this year was too soft and absorbed too much of the course - he’s going cr-mo for the next one.

Please enjoy the link for your edification

Evandale is in Tassie.

I hope most of it’s still there and not inside that guys first p-far.

Related: Does anyone have a link to that Kenevans penny farthing?

That would be Aaron (not our Aaron). There are 2 guys back making racing P-Fars, the second guy fell off his first one after 0.5 metres and broke his elbow…and still came back!
Brett Richardson seems to be a nice bloke, very much looking forward to building my bike.
Here’s his blog
Aaron’s Big Bike Blog
I am the bald guy in khaki at the front of the rim profiler.