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Cnts! Stolen from your house? Mother fckers – why couldn’t they just take an ipod or TV or something more easily replaced.

i know man, im fucking fuming :x

i’ll keep an eye out

Try your local smack converters and show pics down you local bike shop the dip shit may try an get it to freewheel. I have had stolen bikes come into the shop and returned to there owners twice now.

Cheers for the tip mate, will print off some pictures with a parts list and drop em into as many bike shops as i can.

Im fucking shattered, hope i can get it back :x

I’ll definately keep an eye open for it. Hope it turns up.

ive worked for cashies before.the rule generally is that if you think something is stolen, tell management. They will usually try to get the goods transferred to another store. most junkies hand shit in with fake ID’s, but its still one of their main scources of revenue. they dont want to be out of pocket by giving back stolen oods. I once had my cd collection flogged, and although all cd’s were initialled with magic markers, it still took the best part of the year to get my shit back.
long story short; if your shit is flogged, check the stash converters within 5 km, rather than just the locals

Daniel, have you ever partaken in either of those activities? :roll:

Ignominy: having your bike stolen and then fessing up on the interwebs that you’re not such tough guy after all.

This is perhaps the funniest shit I’ve seen in a long time. I can’t say anyone deserves to have their bike stolen but if there was Karma just for wanky slogans on bike wheels then you just proved it :lol: :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Shit news. Will keep an eye out CBD and North Melbourne.

i know I’m not the nicest person in the world, but bagging on someone who just had their bike stolen is kinda low. Getting stuff knicked sucks, especially when we all know how much we care for our bikes.

this has been happening abit lately. Could very well be the same crew.

maybe it was your dealer? have you paid all your tic?

maybe you left it somewhere when you were on MDMA caps.

he has a point…


That sucks mate. Did they get anything else? Fuckers used my own pillowcase to carry shit out when they broke into my place.

Cheers for the help and comments guys and no they didn’t take anything else.

below the belt even for this community to be slating you as karma when you had your bike nicked because you get high; as if all these highbrow motherfuckers never get out of shape in their life.

shit news, hope you find it.
most thieves don’t sell at their local cashies as it’s the first place everyone looks. I’d travel to anywhere that’s convenient to get to nearby - at least within 5k (as has been said alrdy)

is there karma for tossers who scour the internet and pay exorbitant prices for old shit vintage componentry?

let’s hope so

ps, will keep an eye out around prahran area

yeha i think it’s ironic but not a case of karma.

karma come spite me becasue you are a load of shit.

waiting…waiting…the vengeful elephant is nowhere to be seen.

so was it stolen out of your house/apartment?