just moved to melbourne. looking for flatland trick riders.

just recently moved to melbourne from seattle, wa, usa and was hoping to find folks who like to practice tricks on their fixed gear bikes. i’m down to ride or practice tricks, or both…whatevers clever. it’d be cool to meet some people who are urban fixed gear enthusiasts like myself.

Search for the thread about hooking up at the Museum for flatland trick sessions. Its on the forum somewhere.


Welcome aboard Sarah.

7:30am every Saturday @ Federation Square.

Welcome Sarah!

Not so much trick riding on the Sat morning rides. But alot of the regular Melbourne based posters come out for this ride. So if you want to meet fellow fixers, this is a good start.


Unless someone shows up and starts doing tricks.

Damoh and Omar are pretty easily influenced like that :slight_smile:

John’s been threatening to turn up for a few weeks now. heh

Yeah Sarah would be great to meet you.

Omar and i can perform the best signature tricks. We can it falling gracefully, sometimes we can do it in sycncronisation. Pete is also good at these.

Hopefully we will see you tomorrow. If not give us a buzz as we usually are out riding around till about 2pm sometimes if you cant make the 7.30 start

Not quite the same as being there is it?

I miss John …

I need some blackie ‘Dale, long stripey sock, bench hoppin’ fixie action.

Whadda yer say Johnny boy?

Hey Damoh, didn’t you invent your own trick a month or two ago? I think it involved skidding to a stop, the back wheel being raised… a few revolutions while it is in the air… and then falling off at the end? :evil:

I would love to learn how to do wheelies though (with obligatory Aerospoke front wheel)

Nah, that turned out to be just a slightly modified “Tristan”. :wink:

thanks for all the response thus far. i will try to make it to a sat morning ride in the next couple of weekends…if i can drag myself down to fed square that early. otherwise i ride a bridgestone anchor (white and blue), so if you see me cruising around town please stop me and say hello. this is an amazing place to ride!
see you around.

It’s worth it if only to laugh at the drunks making their way home haha
Again, welcome :smiley:

It’s also worth it to ride with an excellent group of fixed bike nerds to some places and via some ways you may not otherwise go.

  • coffee :slight_smile:

Thats a serious track frame to be riding round the street.
Do you race?

I was just thinking that.

Flatland tricks on a multi-thousand dollar full-on carbon trackie? wow.

Or do anchor make metal frames now?


mine’s a mid 90’s bridgestone anchor…originally made for keirin racing. yeah, not into carbon…gotta stick with steal, because i do tons of urban riding and whatnot…
plus mine isnt nearly as nice as the photos just posted…it’s been through the ringer a bit.

Crime doesn’t pay round here, I’d say stick with steel - you won’t end up with a record* that way :stuck_out_tongue:

(*unless it’s Campagnolo…)

Yeeeeah there’s that too, oh and the bacon and eggs cough Horatio cough :wink: