K.E.T - Ken Evans Fixed

my pursuit is single colour: pearl white with original decals.

Yeah, I’ve seen a white pearl KE track framne around, and an aqua-ish one too.

I am not sure if the paint is original or not. They previous owner was not sure either. Since owning it I have assumed it is not the orignial paint because it is in such good condition. I dont really know a way finding out for sure.

lucky duck!

Paint stripper? :smiley:

anyone have any idea if you can still get any of his frames?


So I took off the stickers, added the cinelli A1 stem, milano bars, campag seat post and cinelli unicantor seat.

That is one looong stem you’ve got there. Does it still handle ok?

Holy shite that is one hot looking bike.
Upgrading it anymore?

where did you get the frame

nice ! hell tight frame, maybe a nitto stem, love the purple!

Found it in the trading post.

that chainring is pretty phat.
you must be one tuff mother.
what gear ratio are you running?

Im not that tough as im looking for a 19t atm.

wow thats a really nice frame lovin the rear triangle. It looks like you for a steal, those chainset and that sheriff star hub go for silly money on ebay