K-Rud love

I know it may not be the best thing for the economy and the money could have been better spent on a million other things, BUT…

Getting your second lot of $900 in as many weeks is pretty nice. Should be picking up a few new bikes over the weekend. Thanks Kevin.

And don’t forget to stimulate.

how’d you get 2 lots? i have’t got any yet. the only stimulation happening in my world is onanistic in nature.


gay, i still havnt got any :x

Students with a job get it twice.


They didn’t think to exclude design students for some reason.

yeh i just remembered that, i still think its a bit of a joke, no offence to students (i was a student once too), that students can get all sorts of allowances, rent assistance, study assistance etc.

however ol joe working full time for minimum wage to support family cant get any gov allowances and only gets one 900??

but then again its the government its not meant to be fair :smiley:

i just want my 900… so i can pay bills :roll:

edit, i lol’d at all the comments on that site regarding “bums” getting it easier than going to uni, they obviously think you get some sort of huge allowance of money when recieving newstart allowance(the dole)… because its not as good as its cracked up to be…

Same - mine is all going to credit card debit.

I don’t think I will have much left over for new bike parts :cry:

Mine paid for a new side fence. My wife would have cut off my balls had I spent it on my bike.

actually not quite, string free student assistance is only given to students over 25, if you are under, you have to come from a poor family, or have legitamate reasons not to be able to live at home ie abuse, that kind of thing.

i lied and got assistance by saying i couldnt live at home. to do this i had to get documentation from a shrink. people who know my family. and my parents.

otherwise, i would have gotten nothing.

also to get rent assistance, you have to be paying a lot of rent. it aint no pocket money.
Having a job when youre a full time student in an expensive course is also a bitch. luckily i had a sugar-mamma

just sayin.
i can only speak for myself.

i hate students and their youthful exuberance

true, my views on student allowances are kind of tainted. having been around (not by choice) a few people for a few years who were making max coin off government, while working and going to uni…

guess i need to associate with more honest uni students??? lol.

I dont kno if Im misunderstanding what you mean or not, but i dont think its true. Maybe its changed in the last few years. Im 21, on austudy, i get a generous ‘living away from home’ allowance without having to give any reasons for moving out. And im almost getting the full rent assistance amount, from $175pw rent. Once you start working tho they take a % off your allowance for every $ you make.

Either way, krudd handouts i think were a silly move, but they certainly do make a nice bit of spending money :-D(slash debt pay off )

probably, this was in 2002

everybodys situation is different

No offense, but supporting yourself and going to uni is fucking hard work. Let alone getting decent grades. I’d love to get 1800, knowing that I dont have to work through my exams, and have enough money to buy food etc. tbh the 900 will be nice by itself though…
I’m sure more people know the figures better than me, but centrelinks payments arent that crash hot, especially for supporting yourself; and any money you earn over $200 a fortnight will detract from your centrelink cheque, which essentially puts a soft cap on what you can earn… as you essentially start being double-taxed on your income, and it stops being worthwhile.

fuck, wrote a huge reply, computer froze, now i cant b fucked re-typing it…

but i will say, being on newstart/dole isnt what alot people seem to think its cracked up to be… its far from easy as some think it is…

anyways, this was about marty and his $1800, is there a lleyllyn at ur house bender?? :smiley:

No he have a lewllyn doesn’t. He’s got a semi trailor looking new bike though.

The lewy wasn’t as good as I was hoping. Record road instead of Pista and it’s bright yellow with none of that signature lewy lug work. Still a nice bike but I’ve got something else in the pot now. I’ll post the silver up in a sec.

Hmmm, I completely misread that at the start and thought you spent your K Rudd on some dodgy money making scheme.


Yep, it sound like you bought drugs.

Nah, i really wanted a LLewellyn and found a complete but from when I found it last year till now the price has gone up and the Llewellyn-ness of it is not what I was hoping for. Looking at something different now :smiley: Plus i bought another frame off the guy. About to be posted.

The lewy wasn’t as good as I was hoping.

it’s bright yellow with none of that signature lewy

in the pot now

Hmmmm, are you sure?