kashima(x) 5 gold saddle height

hey peopleeeee
could anyone give me a measurement for the stack height(would you call it that?) of a kashima(x) non-padded/padded(just say which) #njsyolo saddle?

im after the height of the saddle from centre of the rail to the top, taken roughly in the middle of the rails.

long story short, i have long legs, njs frames and njs seatposts dont really accomodate this, but i am trying to be matchy matchy if i can.


I have a padded 5 gold on my Bridgestone - had the same issue as you, so im running a Nitto Crystal Fellow at minimum insertion too!

Ill measure it tonight, and post up findings, conveniently I was going to list it for sale shortly but can talk about that in PM if you are interested.

55mm from centre of saddle rails to point where your perineum would sit.

Can send you some pics on the gram if you are interested Asher.

swoooiitt, pls do.

i have a DA SP7410 post on the way, which gets me an extra 20mm over the nittos, but at 55mm it should be fine