Keep the missus happy!!!

We have a lot of happy customers coming back to buy for their mums, sisters, daughters aunties, grandmothers and friends!

When positioned securely under the crotch, and with underwear pushed to the side, Shewee directs urine away from the body to a suitable place, such as a toilet, a container or a conveniently located tree!

No more crossed legs or uncomfortable squatting. Pee Standing!

Maintain your privacy and banish bare bottoms in the NZ great outdoors!

Stand up at public toilets to avoid unhygienic seats and smelly portable loos.

Tramping /climbing/skiing/running/golfing off the beaten track, miles from the nearest toilet.

Travel the world with the comfort of home in your pocket.

Perfect for New Zealands outdoor concerts like The Big Day Out and WOMAD.

Christmas is coming…

Somehow I don’t think I’d have a girlfriend anymore if I bought her that for her birthday.

Apparently they have been banned by the German governing body for golden showering. That and purists claim it’s just not zen to use one.

Reminds me of a a festival i went to in melbourne ( i think it was gatecrasher) any way I was at the urinal and this gorgeous woman came up next to me, dropped her pants, leaned back and took a piss. I looked twice and of course I got caught. She had no special device but had some awesome muscles. Ended up spending the next to days with her and even got a puppetry of the vagina show.

Spent the two days as friends who just kissed. She was actually a lesbian and we didn’t bum chick a wa wa. Still the show is in my bank if you know what i mean

Dude, the amount of stories you have!

What can I say I have led a rich life. Unitl 5 years 7 months 2 days and 4 hours ago.


My girlfriend has one of these - she loves it. We do a lot of hiking and climbing, and it saves a whole lot of hassle in having to take off harness, pants, etc. Or if tent bound in a storm - she can pee in a bottle a whole lot easier. They are actually an awesome device.

Not exactly bike related though.

they have these pee cones at festivals so fems can use urinals. big day out had them a few years back.

Wow that is just wrong on so many levels! Girls have a hole for a reason!

?? Why ?? It is just a convenience thing really - nobody is saying use it all the time. I mean, you use a bike to get around but you were born to walk with your legs - the only difference I see is prudishness.

It’d be good if it came in a larger/longer size, was kinda softish/flexible and had a hose attached. You could use it on long bike races such as 300km Warny, just attach the hose down the seat post to direct flow out near the bottom bracket.

Happy days.

That is pretty much what my girlfriend’s one is like. It is made of silicon - flexible; gives a better seal; the silicon is hydrophobic, so you can just shake it and it is dry - so pretty hygenic really; and it comes with an extender hose. But yeah, you can’t actually wear it but have to hold it on.

Sounds like you just need a catheter!

Didn’t ‘oppy’ used to do this with a piece of old innertube during his record runs/audax efforts…every second counts!
Isle of man tt racers used to do it too.

i travel with one when i go to less developed countries that often dont have toilets and am expected to squat in the middle street.