Keirin Fixed Upgrade

Well here it is, i have been waiting to build my new up grade fixed gear for Japan for long time as i am taking it to japan when i leave this year. I have a passion for japan thats why its 80% japanese components. I know people have there opinions about the aerospoke but for me i really dont care about the extra weight so please keep your opinions to your self, everything is second hand except for the rims, i just polished the aluminum up and painted the details. Sorry about all the pics just trying to show all detail.

Here is the specs

Frame : Stratos 58.5cm
Cranks : Sugino Super Mighty
Cog : EAI
Stem : Nitto
Bars : B123 380mm
Rear : Suzue Pro max Hub , B43
Front : Aerospoke
Saddle : Vintage turbo
Straps : I made
seat post : Sugino

by far the best build I’ve seen in ages :-o

don’t worry about the aerospoke. they’re just skyway tuffs for grown-ups. love’em :stuck_out_tongue:

can’t wait to see her in the flesh mate :sunglasses:

wow, that’s some quality work.

Attention to detail, thats awesome!

Beautiful build, but I do wonder how it will look after a good ride :|? Can you post up a 3, 6 and 12 month followup?

I agree - looks awesome but looks more like something you would hang on a wall rather than ride, particularly after the effort you’ve put into the hand painted details.

that’s one hot bike

blah blah blah get some dirt on it and make it look like you actually ride it

Looks awesome - love all the “celeste” touches, looks complete.

very mint :-o

now ride that badboy!

:-o WTF
Thats perfecto :wink:

really nicely done, kudos.


thanks guys im glad you like it, its time to put this bike to use and start riding it, i will post some more pic in a later date.

A little bit of wee came out!!!

Pleased to see you didn’t drill that brake.
Nice build, you should be very pleased.

You made the straps, take it you reused some old buckles?
Why didn’t I think of that!!!

Absolutely sterling!

yes old buckles with some tlc :smiley: , i am happy i didn’t drill it but track supermarket said it can be done by pro bike builders in japan if i like, im getting a clamp on and spraying the clamp the same as the fork so the brake looks like its floating, i haven’t taken it for a proper ride yet will do soon.

That is one very tidy build. I love to see attention to detail rather than just being flashy