Keirin Fixie Custom Pista A+

i heard NJS was all the rage…

NJS frames are to hipsters, like commodores are to 19 y.o P-platers.
You think your cool, but your actually APPLES.


So thats where Coffee’s bike went. Looks rad! beat up seats are all the rage :smiley: i love my thrashed turbo.

man, i was soo close to buying this.

Glad it went to a good owner, looks rad.

+1, first time a tried an old turbo on my peugeot roadie, and its pretty damn comfy!

oh, and noice bike :lol:

Fuck fucking dumbass car driver fuckers.


Doored? Fuckers just do not look.

aahh man that’s horrible.

looks the same as san esteban’s bundy, when a van “didn’t see him” and put him in hospital. still walking?

Fuck dude, this is not your week!



Man that SUCKS. How’d it happen? With the insurance thing, I was wondering isn’t it impossible to claim stuff if you don’t have a receipt? I got cut off the other day and though the damage was only cosmetic, I thought “how would I have replaced my second hand bike which i don’t have a receipt for if it got totalled?”

Sorry to hear dude. Hope you are okay!!
RIP Vivalo :cry:
Any details you can share with us? Insurance?

woah too harsh to handle. It’s so new it’s just cruel.

fuck man… the thread was just two days old. majorly sucky.

I’ll write a reciept, for $10,000

We’ll go halves.

This is the second folded vivalo on here, yeah?

The last one was gold if I remember correctly.

Fuck that’s so shit who are you insured with, I’m trying to get my bike done before some
thing happens I don’t know who the best is for fixed gear.

Shit dude, that is fucking awful. Must be the week for it though, I have had so many close calls this week. Hope you are A ok.

this is fucked. hope you’re ok.
was such a sweet bike

Make a claim on the driver or the driver’s insurance Pip - hopefully you got details.

Hope you are in one piece.


+1 and make sure that claim includes any physio/docs bills and i’d assume some costs for lost work. [unless you can get coverage under workers comp?]

dont be lazy/tuff and just suck up any injuries.

as for the question about receipts, you dont need them if you can get a couple of valuations from bike shops for the ‘estimated value’. which is of course another good reasons for at least being recognised in an actual bike shop :wink:

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