KEIRIN RACING!!!!! @ Chandler


Just getting the word out about Keirin racing happening on the following dates:

27th Nov
4th Dec
30th Jan
6th Feb

Warm up 6:30pm
Racing Starts 7:30pm

Keirins are open to Under 17’s, Womens and Elite.

2 Rounds + Final (unless there is a decent competitor turnout = more rounds).

KEIRIN BOARD will be up for all your betting spectator needs :mrgreen:

There is also Points Score races for Endurance peeps.

Entry Fee: $25 for Under 17, Women and Elites. $10 for Under 17B and younger (different race program).

Prize money TBA (if available).

Sorry for the late and jumbled notice. You might see more info for this on other sites. Feel free to spread the word and hopefully we can get enough turnout to make this a decent regular series.

Feel free to make a flyer haha.

I am confused - this is Brisbane right?

I will be there on one (or more) of those nights.

I’ll be there December 4 :slight_smile: fo sure.

:smiley: nice one brad, yes this IS brisbane, the deadlands of track cycling in australia, tho this intrigues me, hopefully i can have my license sorted by then!

I am a little bit excited.

I will drive out from West End whatever night we decide to swam.

Free ride if anyone needs it (until the car is full).

I’m away for the first two, but the one in Jan sounds like a goer! Might take the Corex and a thermos of Miso soup out there to add to the Keirin atmosphere!

in japan i couldn’t understand why every bike dude i talked to didn’t understand the word “keirin” until someone eventually worked out what i meant to say was pronounced “KAY-RIN”.


I wish I knew that in June :expressionless:

Surely you watched all the Keirin ads on youtube!! At the end of each one “Kay-rin” :stuck_out_tongue:

It’d be good to get Track Cycling back on track. We need some rich guy to do to Track what Packer did for Cricket.

Anyone know if they have food and beer @ Chandler?

no and no, tho there is a FEW cans of stupidly overpriced softdrink.

BYO :wink:

Is anyone thinking of going out this Friday?

Or are people more keen for next week?

next weeeeeeek

I’ll go next week, probably ride to Chandler from West End.
Are you gonna race spEd?

I’m racing. I’m guessing I’ll be like 1 of 6 competitors haha!

Phark yeh, keirin Friday night, roller derby sat night, awesome weekend ahead!

Good night out. I ended up getting 4th in the Final. 90inch gear ratio just doesn’t cut it against 105!!

There was a crash in the Points Score final right infront of me.

Thanks Nath and Kim for coming out.

It’d be a good night out if a few more of you get racing licenses!

It was a success- hopefully I will get to race next week.
Keirin was run as two rounds of 6 laps for each rider- with the first four riders across the line in each round getting 5,3,2,1 points
The 8 top points scorers got into the a final.
The pace bike started out at about 35kph and accelerated up to about 45kph as it drew off at one and a half laps to go.

Points Races were similar two rounds of 9 laps with three sprints and 5,3,2,1 points- the top scoring riders after two rounds went into the final of 12 laps again with 3 sprints.

The numbers were a little down but the racing was a complete succes, the final points race a superb battle of wits- the winner a Masters 4 rider in a 96".

There was a tumble in the points race final - it was just an accident at high speed no one was blamed, the race was held stopped at the 7 laps to go sprint no bikes were damaged, and no ambulances were required.

Free entry for spectators, Cam do the announcing - made it a great night for all concerned.

There is currently something on at the track Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and now Friday evenings- Also Logan are still holding their racing on Sunday mornings.

this is radCORE - so, is there anywhere i can find more info please? i would put myself in the women’s category, but am wondering if there is an intermediate sort of category for women? in no way would i ever be considered elite… or experienced or whatever… hrrmmm hope i can still race!

i am moving back to brisvegas in late jan from London and i’ll be bringing my keirin plaything… which, with different gearing will be ready for the race in Feb…!