Keirin racing

The derny has returned for Tuesday night racing at DISC, which means Keirin racing. Did a bit of youtubing and found this;


Lesson one: Don’t ride over someone who has had a stack.

Lesson Two: Don’t let anyone grab your handle bars. - What a cock.

Lesson Three: Value your colar bones.

Lesson Four: Disc wheels make you crash!!!

Very nasty.

Ah, but when they break so much they come back stronger due to calcification…well mine have.

Yeah. I did my left collarbone twice in the space of 9 weeks a couple years back. It is ‘bomber’ now. Though it does not look all that good in a strapless dress :lol:

Why did the guy at pull his handlebars at the end? He didn’t rally cause the accident, the guy clipped his rear wheel.

Or did I not see something?

Because he is a rusty tool. He came over the top and pulled the other guys bar. The slow back/forth footage showed it very clearly. There was a couple $K for the win, thus the after race agro.

Sorry, I wasn’t very clear. I am aware that the guy did pull the winners bars on purpose, but the winner didn’t cause the accident that bought down the 2 others guys.

So why did the second place guys knock-down the winners bike…you think it was just aggro, or the second place guys believed the winner caused the original accident.

No idea.

They thrashed it out over @
Here’s an editorial with more people banging on about it too.

ah flames…

we need a narcissistic uber-poster on this forum to take every thread off-topic and into personal hate comments. hehhe