Kelme Merckx

This is my baby merckx i’ve been working on for the last 8 months or so, she’s finally ready.
52x52 merckx professional, painted in team kelme livery, paint by paconi + decals from cyclomondo. chrome by prahran/pro platers.
It’s a mishmash campag group I mostly got off a fake ebay colnago, 6sp indexed, mks sylvans, sealed shimano bb, san marco regal saddle, cinelli 100mm stem, 38.5cm nitto b125s, low flange campy hubs to mavic cxp33 rims.

sorry about the crappy pics, i’m hopeless with a camera :stuck_out_tongue:

it started life coming straight from the netherlands like this

so it’s come a long way!

this pic was the original inspiration, saw it listed on ebay and fell in love, my fav colours :smiley:

however I couldn’t find any more pictures or info on the team, so i emailed jeremy at and he sent me pics and info on the team KELME.

shoutout to evan at cyclic for the wheelbuild+ rims, you rule :smiley:


And thanks for the background info. Paconi must have done a good job to redo those interesting colours.

That is the sickest thing I have ever seen.

Seriously, that is incredible.

the kelme colour scheme is one of my favourite merckx schemes along with the telekom and belgian champ ones… sick.

what did a paint job like that set you back?

just a little bit :wink: the frame and group cost very little so i could afford to do it once and do it right

woah dude thats nice :-o cant you please get some better photos , try somewhere outside :wink:

Yeah but… how much? If you don’t mind me asking. I’m usually a DIY guy but I’ve been dreaming up this six colour rainbow fade job for a track frame and by the time I buy all the paint it might be worth just spending the extra dosh for a pro finish.

Call and get a quote yourself. Some people don’t like to kiss and tell.

I thought Kelme made soccer shoes?

It does. Hence it sponsored a Spanish cycling team. Europe being a large market for football gear.

Kelme had some mad doping street cred too.

Makes sense.

Nice paint job too!

How did you find the quality of the job from Prahan Platers out of interest? I have a fork they are rechroming for me at the moment - due for collection any day.

Looks good in the pics.


the paintjob was a late bday present from my brother + parents, i was originally going to just get it one colour because of my ~income~.

prahran platers were absolutely fantastic, i got the rear stays, fork and a handful of little bits done, my dad is building up a molteni merckx and is super picky, after two other chroming places doing fairly questionable jobs (one put a fair dent in the crown, the other somehow left moisture under the chrome, which led to the forks rusting out and now having to be rebuilt) we were beyond happy with prahran, not the cheapest but definately the best.

here’s a shonky pic of the qr, which was done by them, i was nervous they’d polish out the detail but it turned out great

and some pics of the frame + forks when we’d just picked them up

i’ll take some outdoor pics when i can, currently trapped inside with some sort of flu/tonsilitis thing :frowning:

yes they did… :smiley:

Well obviously if he doesn’t want to fess up that his business and more power to him. But not asking would kind of defeat the purpose of having a forum at all wouldn’t it?

looks really nice :smiley:

good job

I had no idea that his happened! off to read more…

That Eddy decal is my favourite.