ken alert!

now with added sheriff stars…too small for me.

care to guess what this will go for? shizzle.

Lucky it comes with the OG fork, the chrome one is total balls!

yea, but id say he didnt want to drill the og forks so some credit must be given there.

This is true. Before I read the description I though, why would you spend that much money on a build, then put such a cheap ugly fork on it. Serves me right for jumping to conclusions!

i know the owner, his description is not a lie. he used to race the thing. he hasnt built it up recently, meaning he hasnt spent thaaat much on it. he really doesnt know how much the thing is worth…lucky bastard.

not so sure. his BIN price was $2100 till i threw a bid down.

hes been reading then. he’d probably get more for it if he split the thing though.