Ken Evans 60cm Roadie w Dura Ace

nice. looks smaller than 60cm though.

yeah maybe, its listed as 24" but that could be c-t of seat tube…

Its looks like at least 58cm

anyone live around here who could box this and send to melbs? I can sling you some monies

East Gosford is ButtfuckWest… The shop that runs is not far from there. they do shipping Aust-wide, maybe get the seller to drop it there and get them to do the rest etc.

If it was closer to Sydney I could probably be cajoled, but that’s just too far out for a casual help-out, soz.

Thanks Heavy metal, if i don’t get the ken track that’s just been listed i’ll take you up on your advice.

Got word form the seller this is a 56 guys so good for the average man

Hmm, looks bigger than a 56 to me. Photos can be deceptive though. But still, be careful with measurements taken by people who may not know how to take them properly.