Ken Evans Pursuit

Ken Evans Pursuit

Super fast! Great for sprints and climbing, not great on your neck.

700c front and rear, Superbe Pro HF hubs, Campy Omega V rims.
Cinelli 2A stem, Nitto bars, Champ Grips, Campy steel Pista headset
Flite saddle, Superbe Pro cranks, Campy Croce D’ane pedals, toshi doubles.

Do you know the history of this one? It looks like one of those crazy Mosers. I likee!


for lazy people like me, here’s the flickr pic:

Thanks for uploading, not sure how to do it. :?
Don’t know any history on the bike, I bought it off a guy who got off another guy from Melb’s I think. Yes, very similar to the Moser.

i’d laugh at ergonomic specialists thoughts upon assessing this bike.

I’m jealous, it’s hot!

thats beautiful - very impressive! :smiley: i likeee