Ken evans restoration

nice, one for the parents out there, or the little people

Seems like a lot of effort restoring a bike that is too small to have enough of a market to fetch a good price?

Will be interesting to see what it goes for.

Ultegra derailleur looks a little clumsy IMO.

maybe it was built up to ride, not to make a quick buck, then had to sell for some reason.

also, there’s 5 bidders having a crack, so there’s definitely a market for the size. i’d hit it up for my wife if she wanted a geared roadie, that 45cm seat tube is a winner.

Ohhh so annoyed.
I wanted this and forgot to bid.
But I really didn’t need it.
$385… Sometimes being short can be good.

yeh, im a bit surprised at that price. i guess cos the groupset was pretty much a shmozzle… worth it for the frame though.

My Gf’s new ride. Groupo to be sorted.

nice one mate. the frame looks the bizness. hows the arm coming along?

My arms slowly gettin there, still off the bike and off work till feb. To much time on the net spending money I don’t have.